It took 37 years before I met the woman of my dreams on a flight to Tokyo. After an impressive first date camping in the mountains of Utah, a year later the previously two noncommittal singles were married, on none other than Valentine ’s Day, at the Air Force Academy, in Colorado, where I was a college gymnast 45 years ago.  I continued to impress the new bride with the purchase of our first home; a 43 foot, ketch-rigged sailboat which we lived on for 3 ½ years. That is, until Hurricane Andrew sank our boat moving us onto land, 60 miles south in the Florida Keys, our home since 1992.  Obviously for both of us getting married late in life, there was some serious catching up to do… and now, after 27 years of marriage, we’re still catching up – but to do all the things on our “bucket list”…. we need to be in good HEALTH, which in Crossfit terms, is = FITNESS over TIME!

I CrossFit Because…

First and foremost it is: The people, the people and the people!!! More than anything else, that is what the Crossfit community is all about; the people are the glue of Crossfit, the people are what defines Crossfit, the people of Crossfit separate this fitness venue from any other fitness center, and… it is the grit and friendship of the people and not the fluff of the gym that keeps us coming back.


Early warning signs! Arthroscopic meniscus operations on both knees, cervical and lumbar; stenosis, degenerative arthritis, bulging disks, and heart arrhythmias that lead to two heart ablations got my attention.  Refocusing on what’s really important in life, lead me to an early retirement from a great airline career. Arrhythmias can be caused by a number of things, some we can control, some we cannot: Time zone travel, circadian rhythms, diet, weight and exercise are just a few of the things we can control – in short… life-style. I decided to take control and was doing a pretty good job. Then, almost two years into retirement, my neighbor invited me to a Crossfit class. That day, three years ago, changed my life. It changed my wife’s life and we will be forever grateful to my neighbor and the coaches of Crossfit for that life changing event.


My Secret Ninja Exercise is….

“Happy Baby Pose” – looks funny, so I do it in the corner, but it is great for warming up the spine.


My not so secret sucky is

Wall Balls – it’s amazing how many times I can throw a medicine ball at the wall, from two feet away — and miss! (No-Rep)

My favorite cheat meal is…

Pizza and a hand full of Tollhouse chocolate chips from the freezer! (Not at the same time of course!)

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