Jess Jakositz

Jess is originally from NJ (the “Joisey Shaw,” to be exact). She ran, played sports and created a fitness class named “Butts and Guts” at Gettysburg College for her student job.  In 2011, a coworker introduced Jess to CrossFit, and she’s been drinking the Kool-Aid ever since.  When Jess isn’t CrossFitting, she loves to talk travel, food, nutrition, and cooking.

*I CrossFit because

It’s empowering, gratifying, and fun! I love how strong my body has become- CrossFit has given me a new appreciation for strength and ability over traditional aesthetic beauty. I also love being surrounded by a group of supportive fellow athletes that have come to feel like a SISU family to me.

*I Coach because

I love empowering others and helping people to unlock their potential. I’m eager to share what I know, excited to watch my athletes learn and grow, and psyched to cheer them on as they reach their goals. I value the chance to let every person who brings some effort through our doors know that they are welcomed and worthy, no matter their fitness level. The opportunity to coach someone at SISU is an opportunity to change somebody’s life. That’s huge, and I get really amped up about it.

*My Secret Ninja Exercise is

I’m really good at hanging out in the bottom of a squat.  

*My not so secret sucky is

Snatches. Meh.

*My favorite cheat meal is

A crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside baguette from somewhere in Europe with some good cheese and cured meat. Red wine and a hot brownie with vanilla ice cream.

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