Ryan Marty

Ryan grew up in Wisconsin playing a number of youth and high school sports. After attending college at the U of MN he joined the Marine Corps and spent the next eight years stationed on the East Coast and overseas. He discovered CrossFit in the USMC as an excellent method for building fitness, mental toughness and unit cohesion. Starting a family brought Ryan back to MN where he works and lives locally with his wife and two small children. When home on leave he often dropped in to the CF SISU locations and is excited to be a member of the community full-time.

*I CrossFit Because

“I enjoy being challenged with the variety of skills and movements that can always be improved. I want to be as well-rounded in my fitness as possible and CrossFit is the best system I’ve found to meet that objective. Lastly, the community in CrossFit is always full of welcoming, humble and supportive individuals.”

*I Coach because

“It’s rewarding to be part of the confidence and enthusiasm that is created through CrossFit training. I enjoy watching athletes grow in strength and improve movement while surpassing their own expectations for what they’re capable of. Most of all, I really enjoy the atmosphere and adding value to other’s CrossFit experience.”

*My Secret Ninja Exercise is

“Pretty decent at the tall guy movements; wall balls, rowing and running. I don’t mind seeing double unders or pull-ups.”

*My not so secret sucky is

“Handstand push-ups (HSPU)…among others.”

*My favorite cheat meal is

“Chick-fil-A nuggets with a chocolate shake!”

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